Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel were two young kids who lived nearby a large forest. They lived with their father and were very happy.

Hansel, fourteen years old, was an androgynous young boy with scruffy black hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He was skinny but agile and had a girlish, high pitched voice.

Gretel was sixteen and beautiful. She had short hazel hair, olive eyes and a shapely body for her age. Her voice was smooth and calming.

Unfortunately for the siblings, their father had just remarried. It had been five years since their mother died and he was very lonely.

But his new wife did not care for Hansel or Gretel and everyday would sneer at them and call them awful names. She disliked anyone having their father’s attention but hers.

One day the father chastised her for this and because of this she decided she would do away with the kids once and for all.

“Tomorrow, children, we shall go for a walk in the woods together. It’s about time we put our differences aside.”

Hansel was not very bright and asked only if food would be brought. He was lithe but gluttonous and cared only for his belly.

Gretel, however, knew something was up. She knew the evil stepmother would try to lose them in the woods and so prepared a bag of bright red sweets to leave a trail behind them.

The following morning the stepmother left with them and they made into the woods. Before long Hansel started complaining about his belly.

“I’m hungry,” he cried and stamped his feet. The stepmother yelled at him to be quiet and he did so. They continued on with Hansel slowly trudging at the rear.

They finally stopped deep in the forest.

“Wait here.” said the stepmother. “I need to gather some herbs and will be right back. Don’t go wondering off.”

She left them in the woods together and after an hour had passed she still had not returned.

Gretel was right. When they got back to their father she would tell him of this and he would have no choice but to banish the evil woman once and for all.

She looked around for the trail of sweets she had left behind but could not find them. She panicked. What had happened? Had the stepmother noticed?

“I’m hungry again.” moaned Hansel.

“Again? What do you mean again?”

He pouted. “Those sweets are all gone and it’s been ages. I want to eat something.”

Gretel slapped Hansel hard across his face.

“You stupid, greedy little thing, you! Those were there so we could find our way home!”

Hansel’s face drew back. “What do you mean?”

“I mean we’re lost, Hansel! Our stepmother left us out here to die! How stupid are you?”

“But- But I don’t want to die! Help! Gretel! What am I going to do?”

“You could stop thinking about yourself for once. Now come on. I think this was the way we came.  We’ll find our own way back.”

The children walked for hours and hours. Hansel complained that his feet hurt and removed his shoes.

“Ugh! Hansel! Your feet stink!” cried Gretel.

“I don’t care!” he shouted, “Besides, I like the smell of my feet.”

“You really are disgusting, you know that.”

After a little while longer they stopped to rest. They were both out of breath and very hungry. Hansel started to sniff his feet to occupy himself. Gretel could smell them well enough from where she was standing. It was hopeless. They were going to die out here. She and her horrid little brother.

Suddenly Hansel perked his head. He was still sniffing.

“Gretel,” he said licking his lips, “Can you smell that?”

“Yes. And it’s disgusting. Why did you throw your shoes away you little footfart!”

“It smells like cheese!”

“I know! I can smell them. Now shut up about your feet already!”

Hansel snorted. “Not my feet! Real cheese! And cake!”

He sniffed deeper.

“And cream!”

Gretel looked at him.

“What are you talking about. All I can smell are your stinky toes.”

“This way!” cried Hansel and he took off into the woods with drool pouring from his mouth.

“Hansel! Wait!” cried Gretel.

She followed him, calling his name until they came to a clearing in the woods. She bent over, gasping for air, and looked up to see Hansel eating.

“What are you-”

Before she could finish asking, she saw it. A house made of cake! With an iced roof, cherries and sweets on the walls and windows paned with chocolate.

Hansel too was busy eating to wonder about the house and Gretel could understand why. She was starving and so began to eat some of the cake walls.

Suddenly a voice called out, shrill and oddly childish, like a school girl up to no good.

“Who’s that outside eating my house?”

Gretel froze in horror. So did Hansel. The door of the house opened and out walked a woman in a polka frock and apron.

The woman looked very young but Gretel could not place an age for her. Her eyes were bright ruby red and her skin was pale with. She had a mischeivous smile and her jet black hair was tied in frizzy pig-tails. Her frock was brown and the apron green. She looked thin, graceful and beautiful but frightening at the same time.

She took a few steps outside and sniffed.

“Mmm! Who’s there! *sniff sniff* Little childrens? Come here little sweeties!”

She looked about but couldn’t seem to see either of them. Gretel wondered if she was blind.

“Come to little Tira, my babies! You must be so hungry. I have even nicer treats inside. That and I can’t have you eating where I live.” She giggled and clapped her hands together.

Gretel felt afraid. Something wasn’t right here.

Hansel had no such qualms, however, and marched up to the stranger.

“I’m Hansel. This is my sister Gretel. We’re lost and tired and hungry.”

The woman bent forward and took Hansel by the shoulders. She squinted as if she had trouble seeing him.

“My eyes are very weak, you see.” She said. Then she sniffed him up and down.

“Ooooooh!” she squeaked. “Smelly, smelly feet! Mmm! I mean, you should come in and rest and wash. You’re so sweaty! You must have been walking for a long time.”

Gretel walked towards the two and pulled Hansel away from the strange woman.

“Who are you, anyway.” She asked.

The woman smiled with pearly white teeth. Gretel noticed she was wearing a heavy amount of black shadow around her red eyes. It made them look all the more bizzare.

“My name is Tira.” she said, “I’m a cute little missy living in the woods. I looove little childrens like you and you’re welcome to stay and eat and keep me company! I do get so lonely out here on my own.”

She pouted as she finished.

“I think we should go, Hansel.” Gretel whispered.

“But she has food! And a place to rest!” he cried and then whispered “And she’s really pretty!”

Gretel couldn’t see how Hansel could be enamored by the woman. Her pale skin, red eyes and black make-up looked terrifying to her.

“Your brother’s right, my precious little cupcake….” Gretel felt herself become almost hypnotised by that red glare. “You should stay for a while. I promise it will be fun”

“O-Okay.” Said Gretel. “I guess we could stay for a bit.”

“Perrrfect!” purred Tira. “Come in then!”

Gretel noticed that Tira’s gaze was slightly below her own eyes. Her eyes were mesmerising but clearly couldn’t see very well. She had to get close to see anything.

The three walked inside the house to a table of ready cooked food. Turkeys, chickens, hams, cakes, sweets and sugary treats. It occurred to Gretel that there were no vegetables which was strange. Still, inside the house she felt hungrier than ever before.

“Dig in, my little sweeties!” cried Tira as she ran her soft hands through their hair.

Hansel charged at the table with watering chops, eating noisily and messily, stuffing food into his mouth. His bottom bobbed up and down in excitement as he did. He knelt on the pew beside the table and gorged himself.

Gretel joined him but with more self control. She was weary of Tira but too hungry to pass up the offer of food. She ate slowly and tried to think.

Tira stood beside Hansel and sniffed. She made odd little noises as she did so and slowly knelt closer and closer to his bare feet sticking out beneath his bottom.

Gretel watched as Tira’s nose sniffed wildly only inches away from his toes. She was almost bent over now and her red eyes were wide and greedy. It frightened Gretel so she looked away. Something was very wrong.

When they had finished eating, Tira sat them each in a comfy chair, and sat in the biggest chair between them.

She leaned towards Gretel and smiled with her shining white teeth. She was was so close that Gretel could smell her. An odd musky smell like old boots sprayed with cheap perfume.

“You’re a very pretty little childrens. So, so pretty. You must be the belle of the town where you come from.”

“Actually, we live at the edge of the forest on our own with our father.”

Tira smiled even wider.

“Your eyes are so beautiful! You’re so, so pretty! Can I look at them?”

She leaned even closer and their noses almost touched.

“So, so pretty.” She whispered. “Oh, my little cupcake. My little sugar-plum! So pretty! So sweet! So deliciousssss!”

Her mouth watered as she hissed the last words. Gretel was terrified but couldn’t look away. Those eyes! Those huge, unblinking, ruby red eyes were too mesmerising to look away. She felt herself feel drowsy as she gazed into them.

Tira giggled. “My pretty, pretty. My precious pretty, pretty. You’re happy here? Yessss?”

“Y-yes.” Moaned Gretel. She felt ill.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty. I can see you. So pretty. I bet you would taste deliciousssss!”


Tira cocked her head and smiled.

“Don’t worry. Your brother will be far tastier. Ugh. Those feet! I love smelly feet. My pretty, pretty and my smelly, smelly. You can help me. I’ll keep you for a while. I get so lonely. So hungry. So bored on my own. We can kiss! I’ll taste you! Lick you up! Mmm! So goooooood!”

Suddenly Tira looked away and Gretel felt faint. She had to get away. Tira was insane. She sounded like she was planning to eat them! But she couldn’t move. Couldn’t talk. She felt paralysed.


Gretel almost flinched at the sound of the high pitched shriek. Tira turned and looked at Hansel.

“Did you just pinch my bottom?”

Hansel giggled bashfully.

“Will I rub your tootsie-wootsies for you?” Tira cooed.

Hansel nodded frantically. “Yes, please!”

He propped his feet onto Tira’s lap and she began to run her soft hands along his soles. Gretel watched as her face screwed up in pleasure.

“Smelly ickle things.” She whispered to Hansel.

Hansel smiled. “I-I like them smelly. I like sniffing them when I’m bored.”

Tira’s eyes widened greedily and a strange smile crossed her face. She looked like she was barely keeping herself under control.

“I think you’re very pretty,” murmered Hansel.

Tira licked her lips.

“Say it again.” She said. Her eyed sparkled. “Tell me I’m pretty.”

“You’re very pretty.” Repeated Hansel.

Tira’s teeth beamed and, for a moment, she seemed like some predatory animal gloating over it’s prey.

“Why do you think little Tira is pretty? What’s so pretty?”

Hansel blushed. “I like your bum.” He muttered. “And your chest. And your eyes! Your eyes are very pretty!”

Tira lifted one of Hansel’s feet.

“My eyes are the prettiest?”

“Yes.” Said Hansel wriggling with anticipation as Tira pulled his foot closer to herself. She bit her bottom lip. Then smiled.

“I like your feets,” she said “I like smelly feet too.”

Then she began to tickle Hansel’s foot with her finger. Hansel thrashed and flailed wildly as he snorted.

“No! Stop! Ahahahaha! T-Tira! No! Not the feets! Not the feets! Ahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHA!”

Tira stopped and gave his foot a big, long lick. Her tongue was longer than any Gretel had ever seen before. Tira was not human, she realised. She was some kind of monster. Hansel moaned with pleasure, his eyes rolled over, as her tongue left the tips of his grubby toes.

The monster smacked her lips and said with a gasp, “Bedtime!”

Later that night as Gretel and Hansel lay in two soft and comfortable beds, Gretel turned to Hansel.

“Hansel!” She whispered. “Hansel! Wake up!”

“I’m awake,” he muttered back sleepily, “What is it?”

“We have to get out of here, Hansel. It’s that woman. She’s not right!”

“Tira? She’s perfect! She’s nice and pretty and makes lots of yummy food!”

“Hansel! She’s not human! I think she’s some kind of devil!”

Hansel turned on his side to face Gretel.

“That’s stupid. She’s nice and fun.” He paused. “Do you think she’ll let me smell her feet?”

“Ugh! Hansel! Enough about feet! We’re in danger!”

Hansel went on, “I think she has smelly feet. She wears boots. They’re probably even smellier than yours!”

Hansel had made a habit of smelling Gretel’s feet when she was younger. Eventually she had gotten to kicking him away when she had found him in her bed one night sniffing her toes. Gretel often wondered if that was why he was so obsessed with them even now.

“Listen, Hansel! I don’t care about her feet! She’s a monster! Did you see her eyes!”

Hansel snorted. “Leave then, if you don’t like her.”

“I’m not leaving you here!” Gretel cried “Besides…. I don’t think I can. It’s wierd. I think she cast some kind of a spell on me.”

“That’s because she’s a witch!” came an angelic voice from behind them.

“Who said that?!” whispered Hansel in alarm.

“I did,” said a small fairy as she fluttered between the beds. “Her name is Tira of the Woods. She’s an evil witch who eats lost little boys and girls. Her eyes can hypnotise you with a glance and she’ll fatten you up and eat you!”

“Who- What- Who are you?” stuttered Gretel.

“I’m Tinker. A fairy of the woods. I’ve stayed hidden in this house to try and save little children from the awful witch.”

“She’s not a witch!” cried Hansel.

“Shh!” said Gretel. “She’ll hear us! H-how do we get away. I think she cast a spell on us.”

Tinker shook her head. “No one has ever gotten away before. The only way to break the spell is to kill the witch. We fairies have tried but she’s much too powerful. The only way is to burn her alive and all fairies are terrified of fire.”

Gretel began to cry. “Then we’re doomed!”

“Not quite,” said Tinker. “If you can trick the witch you might be able to stop her. She is cunning and powerful but also quite stupid. She also has three weaknesses you should remember.”

“What weaknesses?”

“Firstly, she’s half blind. She can hardly see past her nose. She has a brilliant sense of smell however, so be careful. Secondly, she’s incredibly greedy and selfish. She craves compliments and she is enticed by the smell of feet; the natural smell of witches. She’ll also fall for socks and boots, too. And she’s always, always hungry. Get her belly rumbling and she’s bound to lose it. Be careful, however. Remember that she only eats children. Lastly, she’s extremely ticklish. It’s the only time she cannot hypnotise you. Be sure to remember that.”

“That’s still not a lot to go on.” Said Gretel.

“No,” replied Tinker, “but it will have to do. I must go now. If you need me just whisper my name three times. I can’t let the witch know I’m here as that would be disasterous for the fairies. She can’t smell me but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Goodbye.”

Gretel fell asleep soon after Tinker left. Scared as she was the beds were much too soft to resist. In her dreams she thought of a plan.

The following morning they were woken by Tira’s sweet voice calling up the stairs. At first Gretel felt comforted by the sound. It reminded her of mother. But as she woke she remembered where she was, and what she had to do.

Hansel was still asleep, snoring loudly and drooling on his pillow. His blanket was a bundled between his legs and, from the smell of things, he had been dreaming of Tira. Gretel wrinkled her nose and threw a shoe at her disgusting brother.

“Hansel, wake up!” she said as he stirred sluggishly.

“Gretel? I had the most wonderful dream.”

Gretel scowled and and pointed at the stain on the front of his pants. “I can see that.”

Hansel paid no mind. Instead he stretched and then reached for his feet and began to sniff.

“Hansel! We don’t have time for your disgusting habits right now. We have to work on getting out of here.”

“Why would you ever want to leave here,” came a sweet voice from the end of the room.

Gretel let out a shriek in surprise. She hadn’t even noticed Tira enter the room. She recoiled back as the witch made her way between the beds before sitting down on Hansel’s.

“Had ourselves a little accident, did we?” she asked as she sniffed towards his pants. Hansel’s face flushed scarlet as he tried to stammer an excuse.

“That’s okay,” said Tira with a smile, “I understand. Who were you dreaming of?”

“Well…” Hansel began, “I….”

“It’s okay,” said Tira as she ran her hands down to his feet. “I won’t mind.”

Hansel swallowed and took a breath. “I was dreaming of Gretel.”

“What?” cried Gretel in horror as Tira drew back from Hansel angrily. “Me?!”

“Her?” cried Tira sounding offended.

Hansel blushed and giggled nervously.  Gretel began to feel ill.  How could her little brother think of her that way.  She did notice how much it had bothered Tira though. Even now the witch seemed desperate to win his attention back.

“Come now, little one,” she whispered as she ran her fingers between his toes. “Look at Tira.”

Hansel’s eyes rose to meet her gaze, now hungrier than Gretel had ever seen the day before, and his jaw slacked as he looked at the witch adoringly.  Tira planted a kiss on each of his feet before turning to Gretel.

“Keep away from me,” cried Gretel, Hansel’s weird fantasies now suddenly forgotten.

Tira tutted and licked her lips. She then climbed atop of Gretel’s bed and pinned the girl down. Nuzzling her cheek she whispered.

“Little Gretel. Pretty little Gretel. You can’t leave me. I won’t let you. And neither will your brother. He’s stupid, lazy and horny but he’s still strong enough to stop you if I tell him to.”

“Hansel would never do that. He may be a freak but he’s still my brother! And I’m his sister!”

Gretel struggled against the witch. Tira’s breasts were pressed against her own. She felt the creature’s tongue as it licked the side of her face and tried to scream. But Tira’s hand was covering her mouth. And her eyes were gazing into Gretel’s. Those blood red eyes. Blind but overpowering. Gretel felt herself drifting. Those eyes were just so… pretty.

“So pretty….” Gretel murmured.

Tira smiled like a cat. “There’s a good snack. Now listen to mommy and-”

Her sentence was cut off as Gretel used the last of her strength to force her foot from out of the covers and into the air.  Tira’s nostrils flared and, almost in a blur, her face had gone from inches away from Gretel’s to her foot. She began sniffing deeply.

I must have stronger foot odour than I thought, Gretel rather ashamedly but she was just glad to have the witch away from her face. “Hansel!” she called out.

Hansel was already up and made his way towards the stink obsessed witch. “Tira, I’m hungry,” he said, seemingly unphased.

Tira abandoned Gretel’s foot and turned to Hansel. “But of course, how silly of me to forget breakfast.”

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